Vickie Teng


​Aside from being AFA's secretary, Vickie is also our Volunteer Coordinator.

Alexandra Sasha Boskovic 

​Fundraising Committee

About Us

Nathalie Manual

Aquatic fun should be accessible to everyone.

Kristen Eng
Event Assistant​
Ana Arciniega

​Fundraising Committee

Anita Wong
Grant Committee


Olimpia Cuesta 

​Executive Assistant

A dream team to make aquatic fun accessible!

David Hsu

Minnie Teng
Founding Director

​As an aquafit instructor and a person with intermittent strabismus, Minnie recognized the lack of accessible aquafit in the community and founded AFA.

Irene Kong 


It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure AFA is reaching out to as many communities as it can so folks everywhere have access to our accessible aquatic opportunities. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.
Want to make a positive impact in your community? Join us! We are always looking for volunteers, board members and aquatic exercise instructors who are interested in breaking barriers in our society to make aquatic exercises more accessible! 


Aquatic exercises should be accessible for all. We develop and implement accessible aquatic exercise opportunities for individuals of all abilities and ages. This includes individuals with disabilities/injuries.
To build capacity within our community and the world by educating aquatic fitness professionals, volunteers, and the public on ways to make aquatic exercises accessible, and to share videos on aquatic therapy for those with injuries.
Bianca Sue 

​Fundraising Committee Chair

Grace Cheung
Vice President​
​Volunteer coordinator

​Grace was elected as VP since May 2017.  She supports Minnie and manages AFA while Minnie is away.

Our mission is to work with existing community groups/organizations to design and provide accessible aquatic exercise opportunities for people with disabilities/injuries who may not be able to access regular aquatic programs. We believe that physical fitness and social participation through aquatic exercises are things that should be enjoyed by everyone.
Ryo Yamamoto 


​Social Media Coordinator

Marli Siebrits